Playing Truant

Who Likes To Study?


Difficult Times

My relationship with John has been very strained just lately. The way in which he has been treating me for the past few months, he may as well just be my fuck buddy as opposed to my long-term, loving partner.

John and I have been together for almost ten years and for the best part of it we have been very happy together. He has always been a very attentive boyfriend; always putting my needs first and looking after me like a real man should. He has always been a very romantic person, buying me flowers and special gifts for no reason other than wanting to show me how much he loves me. We have always maintained a good social life since we have been together and regularly go out either with friends or as a couple but six months ago things changed and all of this just suddenly stopped.

The only thing that has stayed the same in our relationship is the physical side. I suppose he must still have feelings for me but I wish that things would go back to the way they were before.

A Calming Atmosphere

For the most part I like to stay at home and relax rather than go out and tear up the town. Occasionally though I like to go out withgirls from Sheffield escort agency and have a couple of drinks down at my favorite pub. Most of my friends think I am a hermit, but honestly I just love the feeling of being in my own home and on my own piece of land. It is as quiet as I make it and no one is there to bother me if I feel like having a little personal time. When I was younger I would always find myself reading a book on the front porch or swimming in our little pond rather than joining the other kids for a trip to the lake. Many would hate my lifestyle, but I find it calming and beautiful.